Sanad Rashid is a Kuwaiti engineer, writer and researcher. He is one of the first who wrote about science fiction, horror and Thriller .He had several researches and publications in paranormal and studies in hypnosis. 

Success in the field of writing: 

On 2001 He issued his first book about paranormal under the title (on the edge of science ).The record of this book was stunning success by all standards through high sale which motivate him to publish his second one. His dream came true when he issued the first Arabic encyclopedia in paranormal under the title (Behind the wall of science).The attention of the writer in the paranormal stem from the belief that this kind of science is the key for the twentieth century's science that's why he joined the paranormal associations and became an active member in Sam American Society.( Happened in Kuwait|) is the title of his book which considered as first scientific research in paranormal .Sanad is a key supporter in American City Commission which specialized in researches about intelligent signals in the universe. 

Speaking science

is the book that revealed the truth about conjuring ,neuro linguistic programming and ghosts and proves that it is just lies in our minds. 

Encyclopedia of darkness

is his first collaboration with the writer Dr. Ahmad Khaled Tawfiq which talks about the facts of horrors in reality and movies .In the issuance of a luxury more than 450 pages in the first Arab experience in this field this book has achieved the highest sale in Kuwait International Fair for book as it has on hand a list top ten for a very long time in the stores (Virgin Megastore) . 

Competition of literature, science fiction and horror literature:

Under the support of the relatively new types of literatures in the Arab world Sanad offers the (competition of eng.Sanad Rashid in horror literature) at he beginning of 2008. It has been won by Abdul-Karem Mahmoud Refat on the story (Chills).The winner was chosen by the writer Ahmad Khalid tawfeq and the prize was 3000 dollars in addition to publishing the story by (Diamond book). In mid of 2008 he also offered (Competition of eng. Sanad Rashid for science fiction)and won by Mohammad aldoakhli for the story (mouse in the trap) ,has chosen by dr. Nabil Farouk.  

Sanad Rahid and Magic

On 2007 eng.Sanad Rashid was able to be the first Kuwaiti who provides live demonstrations in art of illusion in Las Vegas and Atlantic City as part of a documentary programme about art of illusion .